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A new generation of warewashing technology

Hotels, canteens, restaurants or hospitals have been waiting for MEIKO to introduce an entry-level range of machines. This new dishwashing machines are packed full of great features and present state-of-the-art technology at an impressively low price. UPster B offers an outstanding array of advanced technologys which make dishwashing economical, resource-efficient, user-friendly. If you think about hygiene you can be assured that the UPster B is designed to make hygiene management more efficient and guarantees maximum cleanliness and safety.

The award winning integrated Low Energy Management is tearing 
down the running costs: Heat recovery, pre-heating the rinse water, 
reduction of exhaust air – this features decreases the energy costs

The new range is aimed at newcomers

Quick decision-makers and anyone who likes the idea of getting the 
outstanding quality that MEIKO offers at a very reasonable price!

  • The best choice for you: maximum efficieny and cleanliness
  • UPster B is a clean winner that’s worth the price
  • Technology and planning goes hand in hand

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