Drawer Undercounter Chiller/Freezer

Under Counter Single Drawer Units - Rear Engine - VCR1 & HCR1 Series


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Under Counter Single Drawer - Rear Engine - VCR1 HCR1 Series SPECS

Product Spec

Storage Capacity

Gastronorm (GN) Pans
4 x 1/1 GN pans
100 mm Deep
or equivalent (per Drawer)

Maximum Weight
40 Kg of Food (per Drawer)

86 Litres (per Drawer)


  • Bulk storage at the point of use.
  • Ideal for meat, deli & larder prep.
  • Suitable for pastry and dessert prep
  • Perfect storage for garnish and 'mise en place' generally.
  • Frozen storage next to deep fry station, with worktop mounted Fry Basket Rack as an optional extra.

Climate Testing

Tested to Climate Class 4
(30°C & 55% relative humidity)
for temperature and energy
consumption and to Climate
Class 5
(40°C & 40% relative humidity) for temperature.


Mains Supply
230 Vac 50 Hz

Power Socket (included)
Correct 2 or 3 Pin Plug
fitted for each country

Mains Lead (included)
2 Metre Coiled Lead


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