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Vizion - VZN T5 Series


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VZN T5 Series

VIZION offers systems that assure the highest quality ingredient water at the lowest cost of ownership for premium water filtration. The VZN series couples that assurance with a lower total cost of ownership and smaller footprint.

The VZN systems use self-cleaning ultra filtration ahead of a low-cost carbon cartridge to separate mechanical filtration from taste and odor reduction. This self-cleaning and separation assures the full stated life expectancy of the carbon cartridge and provides it with mechanically pure water, which eliminates premature clogging. These technologies are then followed by template-assisted crystallization to protect your equipment against lime scale buildup.

The VZN systems provide a lower total cost of ownership, ensuring you have an immediate measurable return on your investment compared with your existing system. 



  • Separation of mechanical filtration from taste and odor reduction assures long time between cartridge changes.
  • Assures only one low-cost carbon cartridge change per year.
  • Self-cleaning particle reduction assures low maintenance costs.
  • .015 micron ultra filter removes particles 33 times finer than the next best system, assuring consistent high quality water.
  • TAC cartridge reduces lime scale by 96–98% without using chemicals or wasting water.
  • Maintains good water minerals that provide benefits to customers’ health while also creating high-quality drinks.
  • Small footprint ideal for foodservice market.
  • Several configurations available. 










Product Spec

Electrical Ratings and Plug Configurations
Model & Mfg. No. Volts Watts Amps Hertz
VZN-421H-T5 9700730 100 - 240 10 .08 50/60
VZN-441H-T5 9700750 100 - 240 10 .08 50/60

NOTE: Includes plug adaptors for US, Europe, Australia, and UK.

Model & Mfg. No. Capacity Per Minute Carbon Lifespan UF Lenght No. Of Carbon
No. of TAC
VZN-421H-T5 9700730 6.6 gal (25 liters) 1 year 20”
 (51 cm)
1 1
VZN-441H-T5 9700750 13 gal (49 liters) 1 year 40”
 (102 cm)
1 1
Specifications (Ultra Filter)
Maximum Operating Pressure 100 psig (690 kPa)
Maximum Operating Temperature 104ºF (40ºC)
Nominal Pore Size  .015 microns
pH Range pH Range 3-10
MWCO 100–150 kD








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