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Adande Saladettes on Standard Depth Single Drawer Units - Side Engine - VCS1 Series


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Saladettes Standard Depth Single Drawer Units - Side Engine - VCS1 SERIES SPECS

Product Spec

Storage Capacity

Gastronorm (GN) Pans
4 x 1/1 GN pans
100 mm Deep
or equivalent (per Drawer)

Maximum Weight
40 Kg of Food (per Drawer)

86 Litres (per Drawer)


  • Bulk storage right at the point of use.
  • Final presentation of plates on the Pass.
  • Pizza preparation.
  • Sushi storage and preparation.
  • Salad and garnish storage.

Temperature Flexibility

In both the Drawer and Saladette unit, foods can be stored at the optimum set point anywhere in the range:
Temperature Flexibility 15°C to -22°C

Refrigerant & Operation

Saladette 'host' Drawers operate on refrigerant HFC R404a, but only in fridge mode.

Chefs have the option of using the 'host' Drawer with the Saladette unit switched on or off

Food items can be held in the Saladette unit anywhere in the range +15°C to 0°C


Mains Supply
230 Vac 50 Hz

Power Socket (included)
Correct 2 or 3 Pin Plug
fitted for each country

Mains Lead (included)
2 Metre Coiled Lead


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