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The Way to Be Independent

INDIE is a project that can give great satisfaction to baristas. His world are the professionals of Specialty Coffee, coffee lovers and any trendy local. The content of technology, the ergonomic part and the usability study allow to the more demanding baristas to express themselves to the best of their ability. Their personal interpretation of preparing the Espresso will be then independent by all that, until now, has not been a free choice.
Culture, artistic feeling, discipline, perception, talent; these are the energies released by INDIE


INDIE likes open minds, the experimenters, innovators and the fans of the best coffee
INDIE is the result of a t brave thought, unconventional and is a jewel of design that illuminates the place where it works
INDIE is an expression of an advanced technology that makes it become a meek and intelligent working partner
INDIE is’ also what you do not expect, but you’re happy to find.
INDIE provides a patented brewing group water infusion preheating system that gives full control of the temperature directly on the group
INDIE manage the brewing temperature control on each group independently, with accuracy
and rapidity never achieved before
INDIE è is provided with patented thermal insulation material flanges supporting the delivery groups and the boiler, to ensure the higher thermal efficiency and the consequent reduction in consumption
INDIE manages each group independently. All the functions are accessible by a color display touch screen
INDIE produces hot water for Tea of better quality, taking it directly from the main water supply, and brought at the optimal temperature by a patented pre-heater
INDIE managed by an interface resulting by the technology of the latest generation of smart-phones through which  it controls the temperature of the group, the coffee dose adjustment and the  infusion time, all this in real time
INDIE has the possibility to adjust the volume of the hot water through a simple  programming
INDIE comes equipped with patented steam wand with which it is possible to make a pressure fine adjustment from 0.8 to 1.8 BAR
INDIE is equipped with an innovative cup warmer system integrated in a aluminum plate. No need to remove in case of machine service and maintenance
INDIE ensures a very limited limestone formation thanks to an innovative thermal management
INDIE has two different kinds of lighting, one with a fixed light on the worktop and one more in the rear with LED lights with variable and programmable colors

INDIE is equipped with automatic and patented milk frothing system (optional), programmable milk temperature from 50 to 70 C°, regulation of the  milk foam volume and self-diagnosis of cleaning.


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