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Girbau - PB Series Ironers

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Let your customers experience excellence in all its details and enjoy the benefits of professional ironing in your business.
ELECTRIC: It is not synonymous with high consumption, and is essential for laundries where there are no other energy supplies.
STEAM: Steam continues to be a requirement for many laundries and is a system that delivers high performance, which is why it is also available for the PB Series.
GAS: A clean and highly efficient system that requires the minimum of maintenance.
Two types of burner:
  1. Atmospheric, standard burner.
  2. Radiant, an enriched mixture that provides greater power and efficiency
The Kinematic tensioning system patented by Girbau is one of the key factors in explaining the quality of the finish obtained in
PB ironers. This system is based on a permanent balance of tensions and weights between different rolls that achieves permanent
tensioning of the straps. The system uses the movement of the straps along the rolls to rebalance these in order to maintain an
even tension and achieve a professional finish.
The position and width of the feeding belt where the linen is positioned, and good foot access under the belt make for effortless ironing operations, allowing the operator to maintain a comfortable and natural position while working, and thus avoid unnecessary effort.
Girbau’s exclusive kinematic strap tension system and Care Touch Roll ensure a quality finish.
The efficiency of the PB ironers makes it possible to process garments directly from HS Series high-speed washing machines, while guiding the operator during the ironing process.
The hand-guard protection system ensures operator safety. A double sensor monitors the active and rest position with an
initial check at each start-up.
We pass on the know-how we acquire to our clients when defining the laundry project suited to their needs, and with the continuous advice and training of the Girbau Laundry Tips service. This is how we achieve Easy & Best Solutions.

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