Blast Chiller / Shock Freezer

Irinox Blast Chiller MultiFresh® MF 350.2 2T


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MultiFresh®: the multi-function assistant that will organize your production and processes flexibly 24 hours a day. MultiFresh is the first and only machine in the world that can run operating cycles with temperatures from 85°C to -40°C preserving its consistency, moisture content, and nutritional properties. Multifunction 7’’ touchscreen display, product-specific cycles, a wide range of options, and customization of all the parameters for each cycle.

- STANDARD VERSION: BLAST CHILLING & SHOCK FREEZING CYCLES +SANIGEN®: from any temperature, including boiling, to 3/-18°C at the core. It rapidly goes through the heat range 90°C to 70°C, which is fundamental for quality, and 40°C to 10°C to limit bacterial proliferation. Freezes to -18°C, ensuring the formation of microcrystals that do not damage the structure.

- MultiFresh®’s touch screen also works when you are using kitchen gloves.

- Refrigerant gas R452A.

Product Spec

Dimensions: W. 1600 mm D. 3765 mm H. 2475 mm
Pit Dimensions: 1610 mm × 3600 mm × 55 mm
Weight: 1200 Kg
Electric Supply: 400V-3N+PE 50Hz
Full Load Amps: Standard A 15,50 / Plus A 45,10
Total Rating (FLI): Standard KW 7,10 / Plus KW 30,20
- Trolley Capacity: 6 x GN1/1 × h 1747 mm
- Trolley Capacity: 3 x GN2/1 × h 1747 mm
Yeld for blast chilling cycle (90/+3°C): 350 Kg
Yeld for shock freezing cycle (90/-18°C): 350 Kg


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