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Speed Oven - Merrychef conneX®16

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The largest cavity, with the smallest footprint. For the most food in the quickest time.

The next generation of high-speed ovens, Merrychef conneX®16 has the largest cavity (16” x 16”) to smallest oven width (18”) of any high-speed oven on the market. A space-saving unit that doesn’t compromise on speed or capacity, delivering food up to 80% faster than conventional cooking methods. The larger cavity allows you to deliver, consistent high-quality food on demand as well as the flexibility to speedily ‘batch’ cook to hold popular food items, and manage fluctuations in demand, avoiding queues.
A highly aesthetic design for front-of-house, the conneX®16  features a high-definition 7” operating screen in a robust glass surround and showcases the new easyTouch® 2.0 software. The conneX range delivers the most intuitive operating controller, it works just like a mobile phone, and along with over 100 pre-programmed recipes, operators are very quickly able to deliver consistent, delicious results with every order.
Born connected, the conneX® range comes with Wi-fi and ethernet connectivity as standard and offers a free subscription for the first 12 months after purchase, to the industry-leading Welbilt KitchenConnect® platform enabling the ovens to be monitored and menus to be updated remotely.
Like all Merrychef high-speed ovens, the new Merrychef conneX® 16 is easy to install, ventless, operates quietly, has a cool-to-touch exterior, quick pre-heat and cool down times, low energy usage in standby, providing unbeatable value for money.

Product Spec

conneX®16 High Power
W x D x H 181/8" x 267/8" x 243/8"
46cm x 68.3cm x 61.9cm
Weight 148 lb
67.1 kg
Power Output N/A
Power Input Type Electric
Primary Power Input 230 V x 50 Hz x 1 PH


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