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Girbau - PC Series Flatwork Ironers

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All parameters are adjusted to achieve better results with any kind of item; with speeds up to 50 m/min on the PC120 and up to 45 m/min on the PC80.
All the elements that go to make up the flatwork ironers in the PC series are designed with quality in mind, including the geometry and perfect polished finish of the bed. The combination of an impeccable finish and the latest advances in electronics results in superior ironing quality.
The high productivity provided by the separate motors for each of the rolls, the high heat transfer coefficient of the bed and the controllable ironing pressure translate into efficiency for your business. In the gas version, a high efficient burner is available.
The extremely solid, smart construction of the PC series makes them highly resistant to mechanical stresses and thermal expansion. Everything in the PC series is designed to last. That’s the aim of the RIGID TECHNOLOGY, one of the most important features of our construction.
The machine’s optimum design cuts wear on consu¬mables, such as the padding and reduce maintenance work. Moreover, the PC Series are highly accessible, making maintenance tasks easier and shortening work time.
The results of the PC Series go beyond your business balance sheet. Your customers can appreciate it right from the start, when they see the impeccable finish of a tablecloth or sheet, when they experience the touch on their fingers of a textile with a crisp feel thanks to the quality of the finish. Quality and efficiency of ironing are more than just productivity and profitability. The PC series adds value to the image of your establishment through the textiles it produces, showing perfection in detail and caring for materials to prolong the life of your establishment’s textiles.

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