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Speed Oven - Merrychef - E2S

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The Merrychef eikon® e2s is the first choice for the ‘Grab and Go’ market, delivering the highest throughput of food without compromising on consistency or quality and guaranteed to beat the queues. It’s the perfect oven for cafés, bars, convenience stores and quick-serve outlets.

The easyTouch® icon-driven touchscreen allows low-skilled staff to produce professional results with every order whilst minimizing training and overcoming any language barriers.

The cooking profile guide will enable you to take full advantage of the culinary capabilities of your Merrychef eikon® e2s. It includes a range of delicious recipes that have been specially designed for your particular high-speed oven. The methods used have been performance-tested in our Merrychef culinary centers to achieve perfect serving temperatures and top-quality results.

  • Best in class energy efficiency (0.7 kWh in standby mode)
  • Exhaust vent at rear of unit
  • User-definable temperature bandwith
  • In-built diagnostic testing
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 30.5 cm cavity with a 35.5 cm wide footprint
  • Rapid cooking, combining three heat technologies (tuned impingement, microwave, convection)
  • Accessory storage on top of the unit
  • Convection fan setting, 10–100% in 1% increments
  • Cool-to-touch exterior
  • Easy access, front-mounted air filter
  • easyTouch®, icon-driven touchscreen user interface
  • Fits on a 600mm worktop
  • Quiet operation (45.3 dBA in standby mode)
  • Rapid cooking up to 20 times faster than conventional ovens
  • USB memory stick data transfer of up to 1024 cooking profiles
  • UL certified ventless cooking capabilities through built-in catalytic converter
  • Very easy to clean seam welded cavity with large rounded corners


Product Spec




• Solid cook plate
• Guarded hand paddle with supporting side walls
• Solid base basket, full size
• Cool down pan
• Two cook plate liners